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Know the customer (and their customers) cold.

We thrive on…

  • Diving deep into your business, even if just for a single project
  • Understanding your business so much you can speak shorthand to us
  • Anticipating your needs
  • Knowing your customers like family (not what they say but what they mean)
  • Our 360 audit, Snapshot research & analytical approach help us achieve this

Use the best ingredients

We have an extensive list of creative partners worldwide.

Some are freelancers, some have full-time agency jobs, some are even other agencies. We don’t care. Our focus is on building the best team. One that is skilled, excited and able to deliver something amazing. This approach also allows us to run lean with maximum flexibility, making you and your budget much happier.

Deliver and gauge satisfaction

We don’t believe in “drive-thru” advertising.

We are here to stay. Our partnership with you is paramount. As such, we always go the extra step to ensure what we deliver is spot on. In addition, our job does not end on delivery. We work with you closely on success and ROI metrics, customer feedback and future opportunities.


We are excited, curious, energetic and yes, like to smile.

We view every opportunity as a way to show off our skills AND learn new things. Whether it is a package sticker, new app or full branding project, we bring a high level of energy and curiosity to the table. This is not a job for us, but a way to create, build your business and of course have a heck of a good time.











Michael Olch
Business Chef

Michael loves diving into a client’s business and bringing ‘the heat’ on strategic thinking, creative development and production. Hence the unique (and quite tasty) name of his shop: Pepper Jelly Advertising. Michael has held senior positions at major agencies like J. Walter Thompson/NY, Saatchi and Lintas driving the marketing programs for Sony, HP, Autodesk, Lever and others. Michael was most recently co-owner of Wrecking Ball advertising and VP Marketing/co-founder of bSource, an online marketplace acquired by Computer Associates/Niku. For fun, Michael is an avid WWII shipwreck scuba diver and wine drinker (however not at the same time). Michael is a huge fan of the classic red pepper jelly.

Shelly Larson
Account / Design Chef

Shelly is a problem-solving pro who loves to figure out the best way to design and produce great creative that delivers fantastic results. With 20 years experience in advertising, design and production, she has worked on both the west and east coasts developing and designing marketing materials, programs and products for clients like Microsoft, Sony Music, Hewlett-Packard, McAfee, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Radio Shack. She loves to hike and go camping (with her husband and dogs), is a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and has visited all 50 states. She thinks jalapeño pepper jelly and cream cheese might just be the best combination of flavors ever.

Farhad Siddiq
UX Chef

Farhad has worked for more than 10 years in the field of User Experience (UX) design, focusing on usability, information design, interaction and user interface design. Farhad is a Human Factors International (HFI) Certified Usability Analyst (CUA), and has thorough expertise in applying UX theory and practice on Web application, client-software, and a variety of mobile platforms. Farhad is also an educator of User Centered Design (UCD) theory and practice and has presented on various UX topics. His favorite jelly is Gooseberry.

Joe Chang
UI & Design Chef

Joe has worked over the last decade in many prominent Bay Area design studios, honing his skills to all areas of design including user interface, web, print, identity and packaging. He enjoys solving problems and collaborating with clients to express their ideas visually and prides himself on coming up with thoughtful and useful solutions. He loves orange marmalade.

Ian Young
Copy & Wordsmithing Chef

Ian is a copywriter-like object with over 15 years of experience crafting creative solutions for companies big and small, including Esurance, Charter Communications, Facebook, Red Hat, Union Bank, Hotwire, Proactiv, BabyCenter, TRX, Credo Mobile, Disney and more. His favorite jelly is peanut butter.

Brian Sasville
Web Design Chef

Brian is an award-winning designer, well known for visually and technologically innovative, user-friendly websites. He has worked with some of the top design shops including Diesel, Dichotomy, Red Dot and companies like HP, Sony, Apple and Oracle. Brian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an AA in Graphic Design. His favorite jelly is cherry bacon jelly.

Leslie Harkins
Project Chef

Leslie has 10+ years in advertising and has worked at top shops like Foote, Cone & Belding, DDB, Team One, and Doremus on star accounts like Lexus, Westin Hotels, AT&T, General Mills and HP. She is spectacular at keeping projects on point and really listening to find the best solution. Her favorite jelly is raspberry.
michael s

Michael Strickland
Presentations / Collateral Chef

For three decades, Michael has been creating corporate presentations and collateral for banks, Silicon Valley start-ups and tech firms. In his spare time, he publishes a San Francisco neighborhood photoblog called Civic Center, and occasionally carries spears onstage at the San Francisco Opera. His favorite jelly is strawberry.

Helen Ann Haun
Assistant Research Chef

Helen is a student at Oregon State and a research whiz. Give her anything to research and her ultra-organized mind combined with technology skills learned since birth provide the answer like a supercomputer. She is also stellar in sports as a star pole vaulter, soccer star and basketball champion. Her favorite jelly is mom’s homemade blackberry.

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